Make A 3d Laser Scanner

You can now scan and create three-dimensional models of objects or people by making your own laser scanner. All that is required are objects that you may already have around your home, such as an old wine glass and a digital camera. Read more to learn construct your own 3-D laser scanner.


1. Align your laser pointer so that you can view your object. The laser pointer can be found at any electronics store. The light beam of the laser pointer should pass through the lens, which is the stem of a wine glass.

2. Set up your digital camera. Position it so that it’s at least at a 15-degree angle away from your laser pointer.

3. Find a platform or surface that rotates. A record player will work if you happen to have one. Place your object in the center of the rotating surface.

4. Darken the room by turning off the lights and closing any blinds or curtains. Ensure that only the laser pointer’s light beam is shown in the room.

5. Allow your object to rotate. Then, record the image onto your digital camera. Save your video as an .avi file to review it later. Rebuild your 3-D laser scanner to record another image, and repeat Steps 1 through 4.

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