Make A 3d Photo Without Major Software Or Attachments

If you have a camera and a standard image editing program, you can make your own 3D photos without buying additional 3D photo software. You don’t need special lenses for your camera or expensive 3D glasses; you only need a steady hand and willingness to experiment with color channels.


1. Frame your scene. Make sure to include a foreground object that will change position in comparison to the background as camera position changes. A tree or rock against mountains, a doll on a table in a room, anything will do. Test both shots in your viewfinder to make sure you will get the 3D effect.

2. Take the first shot. Keep the main object in the center or the frame, but don’t focus the lens exclusively on the main object (sharp focus will also degrade the 3D effect).

3. Move the camera 2 or 3 inches horizontally. Keep the camera at the same height. You want to move the camera, not your body, to keep the vertical orientation the same.

4. Take the second shot. Position the main object in the center of the frame (this will help align the images).

5. Open the images in your image editor. If you shot in color, convert both images to grayscale (look in the Image menu’s Mode submenu); if you shot in black and white only, convert the right image to grayscale. If you converted the left color image to grayscale, convert it back to RGB (you will need three color channels even if the image is black and white).

6. Replace the left image Red color channel with the right image. Select the entire right image (“All” from the Select menu) and paste it to the clipboard. Open the channels palette in the left (RGB) image, click on the Red Channel to make it active. Select all again and choose “Paste Into” from the Edit menu to replace the Red channel with the offset image (your image should now have shades or red and cyan/green).

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7. Print the image with a color printer and view through Red/Blue 3D glasses (you can get them at any comic or book store). If the image isn’t completely in focus, or the 3D effect not visible enough, use select all on the Red channel again and nudge it with the arrow key.