Make A 3d Powerpoint

PowerPoint is a presentation program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The program has made popping slides into a projector almost a thing of the past, as it blend movies, sound, graphics and text in every digital slide. However, even an extensive list of options can wear out eventually and keeping your audience engaged is important. Adding a 3D effect to a PowerPoint slide creates an eye-catching presentation.


1. Open the slide to which you want to add the 3D effect. You now need to create something that you can later turn 3D. Click on the “Insert Tab” and choose “Table” from the Tables section.

2. Select “Insert Table” and enter a number in both “Column” and “Row” fields to create a table.

3. Select a cell and type to enter data into your table. Click anywhere outside the table to stop editing the text.

4. Click on the “Insert” tab and choose “Shapes” from the section called Illustrations.

5. Pick the first rectangle shown in the Rectangles category of the gallery of shapes.

6. Drag this rectangle over the table, so it covers the entire thing.

7. Click on the tab called “Drawing Tools Format.”

8. Look in the section “Shape Styles” for the option named “Shape Effects” and click on it. Leave your mouse cursor on “3D Rotation” until some new options appear.

9. Choose from the angle options so that your 3D effect looks exactly how you want. For example, you may want to create the effect that you are viewing the 3-D object from above and to the left.

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10. Select the “Dialogue Box Launcher” from the Shape style section. The Format Shape dialogue box will now appear.

11. Choose the “3D Format” option in the Format Shape dialogue box.

12. Select “Color” under Contour in the Depth section. Pick the color here that you would like as the outline for your shape. If you would prefer no outline, choose the tab “Drawing Tools Format,” then “Borders” and finally “No Border.”

13. Click on “Lighting” in the Depth section to open up a drop-down menu. Choose one of the options to set a lighting effect for your 3D shape.

14. Look in the “Arrange” section of Drawing Tools Format and select the “Send Backward” option. The 3D effect is finished.