Make A Badge For A Blog

Make a Badge for a Blog

A “badge” for your blog serves the same purpose as a link button or a banner. It is a small graphic that people can use to link to your blog on their own blog and is usually located in the sidebar. Your blog badge needs to have the name of your blog on it or an image or logo that represents your blog. Your badge can be a variety of shapes and sizes.


1. Go to a free online badge generator where you can pick out the text, size and colors of your badge.

2. Open a graphic editing program such as Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t already have a good graphic editing program, you can download a free trial of Photoshop or a free, open source program such as Paint.NET.

3. Create a new file in your program that is 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. This is the standard size of a blog badge. Do this by choosing the size when you create the new document.

4. Open the file that holds the logo for your blog, or create one if you don’t have it. Right click and “Copy” the image from your site, or simply type the name of your blog on the new file that you created. Find a freeware image or clip art to add to your badge. Make sure that however you decorate it, it represents the look and theme of your blog.

5. Save the badge to your computer when you are satisfied with it. Make sure you save it with a file extension of .jpg, .png or .gif. These extensions are the ones that are used the most often for badges. Go to a free image-hosting site and upload your badge. When you upload it, the badge will have a URL so you can put it on the sidebar of your blog for people to use. If you have a domain that is hosted on your own server, you can upload the badge with an FTP program or from the online file directory in your host’s control panel.

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6. Put the badge on your side bar with a line of HTML code. If you uploaded your badge to a free image-hosting website, it will most likely give you the code you need for your badge to show up. If you uploaded to your own server, use this code to place your badge on the sidebar of your blog (replacing “yourdomain” and “yourbadge” with the correct names):