Make A Banner Image In Illustrator

Create banners in Adobe Illustrator by drawing them.

Highlight a text announcement by creating a banner image in Adobe Illustrator. With this software program’s different capabilities, make a banner of virtually any size or color. Use banners to decorate cards, Web pages, digital images and other creative projects.


1. Open a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Using the “Path” tool, begin to draw the left-hand side of the banner. Draw two curved parallel lines that will be the banner’s top and bottom, with a straight angled line connecting them.

2. Draw a ribbon shape connected to the top of the banner’s end. The ribbon should have a forked end and follow the curved main section of the banner.

3. Add looped detail so it looks like the ribbon shape is the folded back of the banner. Erase any extra lines. The left end of the banner is complete.

4. Highlight the entire drawing and copy it using the “Copy” command from the “Edit” menu. Select a section beside the drawing and paste it using the “Paste” command. You should now have two identical images.

5. Highlight the second banner image, click “Object,” then click “Transform” and “Reflect” to open the dialog box. Flip the image horizontally so it becomes a mirror image of the original drawing. This is now the right-hand end of the banner.

6. Position the right-hand banner how wide you wish the banner to be and connect the two ends in the center. The basic banner outline is complete.

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