Make A Bubble Map Online

Drawing diagrams of problems or relationships provides a powerful way to visualize them. Bubble maps are a means to visualize the terms that describe or quantify a central concept. Such maps take the form of a central circle with additional circles surrounding it and connected by a line that signifies a relationship between the two. The concept or term that is the subject of the map appears in the center circle, while the terms (a word or short phrase) that describe the subject are placed in the outer circles.


1. Create printable blank maps using sites like The website’s Bubble Map generator allows you to specify the fonts, font sizes and number of circles in the map. When you click the “Generate” button, the site creates a printable map that matches your specifications. You can print these maps or save them to your computer for future use.

2. Convert a structured list of words into Bubble Maps and similar graphic formats that you can then print or save as appropriate. is a simple and free website that can do this.

3. Create the entire Bubble Map online with Use this free site to design Bubble Maps with complete control over the appearance and placement of each element of the map. Print the results, or create a free account and save the maps on this site for future reference.

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