Make A Character In Cinema 4d

Create 3D characters in Cinema 4D.

3D characters are made for many purposes, from commercials and television shows to movies and videos games. While some of these characters are based on 3D figures that come with a program or purchased from a vendor, some people prefer to create their own custom character that meets their specific needs. To do this, they have to use a 3D modeling program like Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D has a number of features that make the process relatively simple.


1. Sketch your ideas for your character on paper before you start working in the program. You should create views of the character from several angles. Don’t add props to the character at this point, since you want to clearly see the parts making up the figure.

2. Open Cinema 4D. Go to the “Primitives” at the top and choose the cube. Select the cube in the view. Go to the panel on the left and click on the “Make Editable” button.

3. Select the bottom face on the cube. Right-click on the face and choose “Knife.” Use the tool to divide the face into two parts that will become legs. Use the tool to make a division of the faces and smear the top to produce faces that will become arms.

4. Select the two bottom faces. Right-click and select “Extrude.” Use the tool to extend the faces to about where the knees should start. Then extend them again to about the bottom of the feet. Use the “Knife” tool to create a division at the bottom of the front facing polygons. Extrude these faces forward to from the feet.

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5. Continue this process of using the knife tool and the extrude functions to create the rough shape for the character. Then use the knife tool to add extra divisions around areas like the elbow, knee and neck that will have to bend.

6. Use the “Move” tool in “Point” mode and in “Edge” mode to refine the shape of the character. Save your work.