Make A Character Map

Create a map for the character you relate to.

Character mapping is an excellent way to help students get to know the characters in the book you are studying. Students creating a character map will be tasked with describing a character from a novel or short story, then providing evidence to support their description. Character maps can be created either on the computer or on a sheet of paper with a pencil, whichever works best for your situation and better promotes your learning and understanding.


1. Read an entire novel and choose a character you feel you understand. You should feel confident that you can accurately describe many different characteristics of this person. You may have more success if you choose a character that has many sides to his personality.

2. Write the name of the character you chose in the center of your sheet of paper and circle the name. Don’t write the name too largely, as you will need a lot of space around the outside of the circle to describe your character in detail.

3. Draw a line connecting the character’s name to a box containing one of the characteristics of your character that you would like to highlight. Repeat this step until you are satisfied that you have incorporated enough descriptors into your character map. You should have no less than five traits to describe your character, unless otherwise instructed by your teacher.

4. Provide evidence from the novel to support each of the claims that you made about the personality of your character. Try to find specific passages from the novel that reflect each characteristic. Record the page numbers and include the entire quote as evidence.

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5. Include details about how you feel about the character and other personal opinions if your teacher instructs you to or if you are interested in doing so. For younger students, this style of character map may be the only type used.