Make A Counterstrike Map For Free

Counter Strike is a multiplayer only first person shooter. Players choose between the terrorist and counter-terrorist sides, and attempt to defeat the other team by fulfilling a number of objects; bomb disposal, hostage rescue, or simply eliminating the other team. Counter Strike requires Steam – Valve’s matchmaking client. Through Steam, players connect to other players and download content updates directly to Counter Strike. Users can create content for Counter Strike using the “Hammer Editor”, which is free and must also be obtained via Steam.


Setting up Hammer Editor

1. Open Steam. Login to your Steam account. Click the “My Games” tab. Double click the “Hammer Editor” to begin installation. Once the download completes, open the Hammer Editor.

2. Click “File” and select “New map”.

3. Select the “Block Tool” icon. Click the 3D display grid (the large black window at the top of the Hammer Editor). Use your mouse to click and drag a block until the counter reads 256 units wide and deep. Using the 2D side grid (the small black window on the left), raise the block you just created until it reads 192 units. Press “Enter” to confirm.

4. Click the “Entity Tool”. Select “Light” from the entity list (on the bottom right of the Hammer Editor). Place the light in the middle of the 3D display grid. Use the 2D display to confirm that it is in the center of the block. Move it around until it is as close to the center as possible. Press “Enter” when you believe it is in place.

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5. Click “Info_player_counterterrorist” in the entity list. Place this inside the 3D display grid. Make sure it is eight units above the block to ensure that players do not “fall” out of the map. Use the counter to confirm its location.

6. Click “File” and save the map. Name the map “testmap1” (without the quotes). Click the “Compile” button. In the window that comes up, set all options to “Normal”. Put a check next to the “Don’t run the game after compiling” option. Press “Enter”. Wait for the map to compile.

7. Close the Hammer Editor. Launch Counter Strike. Press the ~ key to bring up the command console. Type “map testmap1” (without the quotes). The map will load and you will be able to move around the map freely.