Make A Customer Service Process Flow Chart

Make a Customer Service Process Flow Chart

In addressing customer service issues, it sometimes makes sense to clarify your process using a flowchart, which is an elemental “list” of procedures arranged according to a strategy. Using a customer service process flow chart can help employees deal with customers in a way that represents the company’s overall customer service methodology. The flow chart can be particularly useful as a visual tool in a sales office or call center.


1. Brainstorm parts of the customer service puzzle. Start with listing general ways you would address customer service issues, and also list possible situations.

2. Come up with a “starting point.” For phone calls, this would be the initial call-in. For a more general customer service flow chart, it would be a type of customer service situation, like a customer holding a damaged product.

3. Apply your methods according to the situation. Start with a “box” element identifying your scenario, and then use successive boxes to describe methods, strategies, or things you or others might say or do to resolve the situation. For each step, identify any potential results with boxes going in different directions, held together by lines of chronology.

4. Identify positive outcomes as “ends.” Resolving your customer service flow chart means finding solutions to the scenarios. The flow chart gives employees paths to pursue those positive goals.

5. Review the flow chart in committee or with higher-ups, or those in the customer service process, to test the chart and be sire it makes sense. Make changes as necessary to reflect agreed common sense responses to customer challenges.

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