Make A Free Graphic Organizer

Graphic organizers are a tool used in the classroom to help students visually break down a story or organize ideas. Many books are sold that provide graphic organizer that can be used in the classroom, but you can create your own for free. Take the time to plan what type of organizer you want to use in the classroom and then go to your computer and create your own for free.


1. Decide what type of graphic organizer you are going to create. For example, if you are teaching sequencing of a story, create a sequencing graphic organizer.

2. Open your word processor to create your graphic organizer. Use your drawing tool in your word processor to create boxes, circle or to draw lines, depending on the graphic organizer you create. For example, if making a graphic organizer on sequencing, use the tool to draw four boxes, one above the other. Make each box large enough for students to write information.

3. Give your graphic organizer a title and add any wording to the graphic organizer that is needed. For example, title your organizer “Sequencing” and then in each box type the words “First”, “Next”, “Then” and “Finally”.

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