Make A Glitter Banner

Glitter banners are effective graphics that attract attention on the Internet and are used in various places like on a blog or within a community forum. Banners are created to communicate information, such as to promote an event, and reach a much larger audience than you would with regular advertising. By using a banner generator on the Web, you can create an image and apply glitter animations without needing to have design knowledge or special software.


1. Locate a free banner generator, such as Banner Maker, on the Internet.

2. Choose the preferred graphic size and click on your selection. Select from a variety of horizontal and vertical orientations.

3. Click the “Background” tab and then click on the color swatches in the “Top Color” and “Bottom Color” to design a gradient. You can also opt to upload a JPG, GIF or PNG to insert a background image.

4. Type in the line or lines of text that you want on your banner. Banner Maker allows users to enter four lines of content. Use the associated formatting tools, such as “Font,” to style your data and then position your entries using the horizontal and vertical sliders below.

5. Add a border to outline the banner, if preferred, by clicking the “Border” tab. Use the “Width” slider to adjust the thickness of the outline and click inside the “Color” box to choose a hue.

6. Click the “Effects” tab to assign the glitter animation. Do this by using the drop-down menu under “Special Effects” to choose the “Glitter” option.

7. Click the “Save” tab to get your glitter banner. Under the “Banner Code Options” section, you can choose to get the HTML code needed to post your graphic on any web page, publish it automatically to various sites (for example, Twitter), get the code to upload it to forums or simply download the file to your desktop. Banner Maker also gives you the option of acquiring code for a specific location on your MySpace page. Click the radio button next to your preferred selection and then select “Save the Banner” to continue.

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8. Choose to become a VIP member, or opt to bypass this step and get your banner code by clicking the “Continue on Free!” box. Click inside the resulting code box and use your browser’s “Copy” function to copy the syntax. This code can now be pasted where appropriate to publish your glitter banner.