Make A Glitter Effect In Pse

Glitter effects have a way of attracting the eye. If you are creating a project like a greeting card or a poster in which you would like to apply a glitter effect, you might have thought that you would need an expensive graphics program like Photoshop. But because Photoshop Elements has many (though not all) of the same tools and functions, you can often create projects like this using it.


1. Open Photoshop Elements. Select “File,” click “New” and then “Blank.” In the dialog box that pops up, make the size what you want for your project. Make the background black. As alternative (if you already have a project that you want to add the effect to), select “Open” to access the file.

2. Click on the “New Layer” icon in the “Layers Panel.” Change the foreground color to white (or whatever color you want for the glitter spots).

3. Select the “Brush” tool from the toolbar and in the options at the top set the size to what you want for your glitter (3 to 5 pixels works well). Click on the “Brush” options and Set the “Scattering” to 100 and the “Spacing” to 1,000.

4. Use the brush tool to paint the glitter spots onto the canvas. If you don’t like the appearance click “Undo,” redo the brush settings and paint again.

5. Select “Layer Styles” in the “Effects” panel. From the drop-down menu, select the “Outer Glow” and choose “Heavy” from the options. Click “Apply.” A glow effect will be added to the layer.

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6. Select the layer and click on the “FX” icon next to it. In the dialog box that opens, set the size to 10 and click on the “Color” box to choose the color you want. Click “OK.” You now have your glitter effect.

7. Select “File” and click “Save.” Save your work as a high resolution JPEG if you created in an existing document, or as PNG if you created for placement in another document. (Make sure you delete the black background first.)