Make A Graphic Organizer At The High School Level

Make a Graphic Organizer at the High School Level

Graphic organizers provide a format for students to organize information and visually see the product. You can create graphic organizers for high school students using word processing software or a book with templates organized by subject matter.


1. Determine the source material that will be used to create the graphic organizer. Students will need to use the graphic organizer to brainstorm new information, or capture information from another source. Examples of source material might be books, movies, experiment data or chapters from a textbook.

2. Place the assignment objective at the beginning of the graphic organizer. For example, “Students will determine the characteristics of a genome.” From there, students must use the source material to complete the objective. The graphic organizer should be created with the objective in mind in order to provide a clear manner for organizing responses.

3. Use word processing software or templates from a book of graphic organizers to create a graphic organizer with text boxes for organizing information and arrows or lines connecting the text boxes.

4. Arrange the text boxes in a variety of ways. Some common formations are stem and leaf; arrow; circular; cause and effect diagramming with arrows indicating effects; or a time line. The purpose of a visual pattern is that it adds variety and deeper understanding to an organization of the source material.

5. Provide an area for summarizing the thoughts contained in the graphic organizer. This can be a simple text box with space for a paragraph summary, or a two-column area for examples and complete sentence explanations of these examples.

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