Make A Graphic Organizer Using Microsoft Excel

Make a graphic organizer in Excel.

Graphic organizers are used to organize ideas and information. Examples of graphic organizers include Venn diagrams and hierarchies. Graphic organizers are often used in the classroom to help students organize writing ideas or to compare and contrast information. If you want to create a graphic organizer in Excel, it takes little time to do so.


1. Open Excel and click the “Insert” tab located in the Excel ribbon at the top of the page.

2. Look to the “Illustrations” section of the ribbon and click the “Smart Art” button. The Smart Art dialog box will open.

3. Scroll through the different types of Smart Art graphics and click one of the organizers that works best for the information you want to organize. If you want to compare and contrast information, click one of the Venn diagrams located in the “Relationship” category. If you want to demonstrate a cycle, click a graphic from the “Cycles” category.

4. Click “OK” to insert the graphic organizer in Excel.

5. Highlight the sample text in the graphic organizer and then enter your own information. If you want to fill out the graphic organizer by hand or make copies to distribute in the classroom if you are a teacher, click the “Office” button and select “Print” to print out the organizer.

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