Make A Hologram Illusion

Whether you like optical illusions, magic or simply want to impress your friends, a hologram illusion may do the trick. Holograms appear as 3D images and typically result from laser or mirror manipulations, professional drawing or paint software effects applications or abrasion. You can quickly create hologram illusions.


1. Buy the MirageĀ® 3-D Hologram Maker by OPTI-GONE International, to create instant reflective holograms that appear to sit on the surface of a flat mirror. (see Resources below) The MirageĀ® uses a mirror to reflect an image to the surface of the device. The image appears to be three-dimensional. In fact, the actual object sits inside the device on the surface of a concave mirror.

2. Use computer drawing software programs to create hologram illusions. Draw or load the image you want to use and click on the image. Go to your software’s “Format” or “Effects” drop-down menu and experiment with the optical illusion options available.

3. Scratch a dark acrylic plastic plate to create hand-drawn, abrasion-style holographic images. Abrasion holography or holograms, caused by scratching a reflective surface, come in many forms. Like other holograms, they appear as 3D images. The most easily recognizable abrasion holograms appear on everything from scratched metal to scratched automobile surfaces.

4. Buy a dark acrylic plate and a compass. Replace the compass’ pencil holder with a second pointed tip and open the compass to its widest point. Draw an image (such as the letter “A”) on your acrylic plastic plate at the bottom.

5. Place one tip of your compass at the bottom of the “A” and the other pointed tip above the “A.” With one tip stationary on the bottom point of the letter, slowly scratch your other tip in a horizontal half-circle arc above the “A.”

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6. Continue Step 5 on each point of the letter. Once the first half-circle arc is complete, move the bottom compass tip one small step above the last and scratch another arc. Once this process is completed, you should have crisscrossed horizontal half-circle arcs. When placed in sunlight, these should create the optical holographic illusion of the letter “A” moving from right to left or left to right across the acrylic plastic plate.