Make A Lot Of Money On Chacha

You might not get rich, but ChaCha can be a good part-time job.

Founded in 2006, ChaCha is a mobile answering service. Users text questions to ChaCha and the guides search for answers and send the answer back via text. The guides all work from their homes, using a computer. To become a guide, you need to take a short course and pass a couple of tests. From there, you can make your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. The only drawback is that the pay rate is not very high. There are ways to increase your hourly rate if you know the tricks of the trade.


1. Work during peak hours. You will learn there are some times during the day when you won’t receive many questions. Revolve your schedule around the times of day when the questions are coming in fast and furious. This is usually when high school and college kids are out of school.

2. Work during contest times. ChaCha offers bonuses during peak hours, weekends, holidays and the overnight shift in the summer. If you answer a set amount of questions, they give you a bonus. Factor this bonus in, and your hourly rate goes up.

3. Refresh your math skills, especially algebra. ChaCha pays different rates per category. The harder categories get a higher rate of pay. Math is one of the higher paying categories.

4. Set up bookmarks on your computer. As you’re answering questions, you will go to the same websites over and over for answers.

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5. Keep two windows open at once. Open a window, then place your curser at the sides, and resize it to make it more narrow. Open your browser a second time, and resize that window and place it next to the first one. Use the left browser to accept your questions, and the right browser to search for answers.

6. Budget your payments. If you have opted to take the “Pay Me Now” route for your payments, the bank charges a fee each time you pay yourself. This can add up quickly. Put yourself on a budget and try to pay yourself once or twice a month, if possible.

7. Visit the forum, and get a mentor if possible. ChaCha has a mentor program, so take advantage of it. The forum is a place you can go where you can get answers to questions that are not in the Search University.

8. Focus on the question at hand. As you’re searching the internet, you will learn many fascinating facts and will want to stop and read. Don’t be tempted to read more information than you need to. This will cut into your productivity. Find your information, answer the question, and bookmark the page for later. When you’re done for the day, or taking a break, read that fascinating fact you book marked earlier.

9. Use the fastest computer you have access to. If you can shave even a few seconds off each question, it will add up and increase your hourly rate of pay.