Make A Oval Keychain

Make your key chain with metal for a classic look.

Key chains provide a way to quickly identify your set of keys and allow you to show off your personality with the design and color of your choice. Oval key chains are a classic shape and the rounded edges fit well in a purse or pocket. Make your own oval key chain using any number of materials and decorate it to fit your taste.


1. Draw a pencil outline of an oval onto the metal, wood, craft foam or thin plastic for the key chain.

2. Cut the oval shape from thin metal or wood using a scroll saw or cut the oval shape with scissors from craft foam or thin plastic. Sand any rough edges from the new oval shape if necessary.

3. Bore a hole for a metal or wood key ring at one end of the oval using a drill. Puncture a small hole with a sharp object like a compass point or scissor tip if using craft foam or thin plastic.

4. Decorate the oval using high-gloss acrylic paint and cover with a clear sealant for creating pictures or patterns. Decoupage small paper pictures or stickers with decoupage glue. Glue plastic charms to the surface of the oval with a urethane glue for durability.

5. Attach the metal key ring to the oval by threading it into place in the small hole.

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