Make A Pc Monitor Into A 3d Monitor

Make a PC Monitor Into a 3D Monitor

Viewing the third-dimension (3D) on a PC monitor usually requires a 3D graphics card, special eyeglasses and 3D software. You can look at a still image with third dimensional characteristics without needing any of these devices, provided you are using peripherals from a Nintendo Wii. Hooking up the Wii’s peripherals to the computer will enable your eyes to “see” the a 3D image displayed on the PC’s monitor through a technique called “head tracking.” The adaptation will not harm the monitor or the PC in any way.


1. Wind the wire around the Wii sensor bar. Place the Wii sensor bar on the top of the baseball cap with the shiny side facing towards the front. Attach the Wii sensor bar to the top of the baseball cap using duct tape.

2. Go to the Microsoft Download Center website and download the DirectX SDK file (see Resources). Double-click on the file once it has fully downloaded. Follow the menu prompts to install the file on the PC’s hard drive.

3. Download the Wiimote Multipoint Grid file to the PC’s desktop (see the link in Resources). Double-click on the file once it has fully downloaded to decompress it to a folder on the desktop. Restart the PC.

4. Put the toy block in front of the PC monitor. Attach modeling clay to the bottom of the Wii remote. Stick the Wii remote to the block so that the sensor camera at the end is facing outward.

5. Go to “Start,” “Computer,” “Devices” and click on the Bluetooth’s icon. Click on the “Bluetooth” icon on the Toolbar to activate it. Hold down the “1” and “2” buttons on the Wii remote together. Release the buttons when the LEDs on the Wii remote start flashing.

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6. Click on the text beginning with “Nintendo” that appears in the “Devices” window. Click the “Next” button and follow the menu prompts to pair the PC with the Wii remote. Exit the window and return to the PC’s desktop.

7. Double-click on the Wiimote Multipoint Grid folder that is on the desktop. Double-click on the Wiimote Multipoint Grid file inside of the folder.

8. Put on the baseball cap. Look at the image on the PC monitor. Move your head from side to side and up and down to see the image in the third-dimension now that you have made the PC monitor into a 3D monitor.