Make A Pipe In Solidworks

Even complex fittings can be quickly modeled in CAD software.

The advent of computers and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs have allowed engineers to produce and share designs faster than ever before. SolidWorks is one kind of engineering drafting program, advertised as being well-suited to producing mechanical designs, such as piping. You can produce complicated designs in SolidWorks by first creating all your basic components, then joining these parts together in one final “Assembly”. You create components by making 2D sketches, then use SolidWorks features to turn those sketches into 3D solid models.


1. Double-click the SolidWorks icon on the desktop..

2. Open the “File” menu, and select “New.” Double-click the “Part” icon.

3. Click the “Sketch” tab, which is located under the main toolbar. Then click the “Sketch” button to start a new sketch.

4. Select the “Circle” sketch tool in the main toolbar. Click once on the origin to place the center of the circle there. Click anywhere in the drawing area to complete the circle.

5. Draw another circle. Place its center on the origin, then click outside of the first circle you drew to make it larger than the first.

6. Select the “Smart Dimension” tool from the main toolbar. Click on the outer circle. A box will pop up. Enter the outer circumference of the pipe into the box, and click the green check mark.

7. Click on the inner circle. Enter the inner circumference of the pipe into the box, and click the green check mark.

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8. Click on the “Features” tab under the main toolbar. Select the “Extruded Boss/Base” feature. The “Extruded Boss/Base Property Manager” will appear on the left.

9. Click inside the box next to the “Depth” icon, which is a pair of red arrows facing away from each other. Enter the length of your pipe. Click the green check mark in the “Property Manager,” and SolidWorks will create your pipe.