Make A Timeline In Powerpoint

Create PowerPoint timelines detailing important events.

PowerPoint timelines allows users to illustrate a series of events in a project or over the course of someone’s life. Using the “SmartArt Graphic”, PowerPoint users may create timelines in PowerPoint, as well as additional Microsoft programs. Users can share PowerPoint timelines with others via spreadsheets, emails, presentations or documents. Decorate PowerPoint timelines with a distinctive look and feel, or even animate timelines in 3-D.


Create PowerPoint Timelines

1. Open PowerPoint and click the “Insert” tab. Select “SmartArt” from the illustrations grouping. Select “Process” in the “SmartArt Graphic” option and double click a timeline layout.

2. Select the “Text” option on the text window and type your message. Alternately, copy text from another program, select the “Text” option in the text pane and paste the copied text.

3. Add new items to your timeline by highlighting the “SmartArt Graphic” that allows for additional entries.

4. Select the item neighboring the location where you want to add a new entry.

5. Open “SmartArt tools”, select the “Design” tab in the “Create Graphic” grouping and select the “Add Shape” drop down menu.

6. Click “Add Shape After” to place a new item after the highlighted entry. Select “Add Shape Before” to insert a new item after the highlighted entry.

7. Move items in your timeline to another location by selecting the item and dragging it to the new location. Move items slowly by pressing the “CTRL” button while using the left and right arrows on the keyboard to move left or right.

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8. Delete items by selecting the entry you would like to delete and press the “Delete” button.

Style PowerPoint Time-lines

9. Select a different timeline look by right-clicking the current timeline and selecting the “Change Layout” option. Click “Process” and select “Basic Timeline” for a simple look, “Accent Process” for a step by step timeline or “Continuous Picture List” for a photo illustrated timeline.

10. Create a “SmartArt Style” for your timeline by selecting the “SmartArt Tools” option located on the “Design” tab in the “SmartArt Styles” grouping. Select the desired “SmartArt Style” to give your timeline an organized look.

11. Enliven your timeline with an animation. Click the timeline you would like to animate. Select the “Animate” option on the “Animations” tab in the animations grouping and pick the “One by One” option.