Make A Vampire Avatar

Use a picture of yourself to create a vampire avatar.

If you are a part of a web community that uses avatars to represent its users, or you want to join one that is centered around vampires, it might be appropriate to make a vampire avatar for yourself. You might be able to find a generator online that will allow you to make a vampire avatar, but you can use a graphic editing program like Paint Shop Pro or Paint Shop to do this yourself with the right technique.

Instructions “Open” in the top menu. Locate a picture of yourself on your computer, or a stock photo of a person that you would like to use to make your vampire avatar.

2. Choose the square selection tool from the toolbox and hit “Image” > “Crop to selection” to crop the image around your face or the face of the person. You can do a head and shoulders crop, or do a close-up of the face. Resize the image to the size that you need for your avatar by selecting “Image” > “Resize.” Many web communities will require avatars to be a certain size, such as 50 by 50 pixels.

3. Click on the zoom function in your program to get a closer look at the mouth of the face in the image. Click on the “Freehand Selection” in the program and give yourself some fangs. If your mouth is open and your teeth are showing, draw curved downward-pointing triangles that extend down from your canine teeth. Use the “Color Picker” tool to pick the color of your teeth so that they match, and fill in the selection with the color.

4. Select your the irises of your eyes with the Freehand Selection tool and click on “Adjust” > “Hue and Saturation” > “Hue/Saturation/Lightness.” Slide the bar on the color wheel to select the color that you want (red is appropriate) and adjust the saturation by sliding the arrow on the bar up or down.

5. Click on “Adjust” > “Brightness and Contrast” and play with it to change it to your liking. Use the brightness and exaggerated shadows to make you appear paler and give the whole avatar image a more dramatic look. Save the file with a .JPG or .PNG file extension.

6. Select the paint brush tool and choose a deep red color from the color palette. Lower the opacity of the brush by sliding the “Opacity” bar at the top to a lower number. Draw blood dripping from your mouth and onto your clothing.

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