Make An Animated Gif With Ulead Gif Animator

Graphic animation is becoming so easy our children are doing it. A GIF is a Graphic Interchange Format that allows images to be reduced in size so that they can be stored and used in a variety of formats. A common sight in email and on the web is animated emoticons. The process of creating animated graphics is not hard if you have the right software.


1. Roll the arrow on your mouse to the GIF Animator 5 icon and go to ‘File/New’. Set the dimensions in the dialogue box to “30 x 27.”

2. Select ‘File/Image’ on the standard toolbar. Click on the image you want to animate.

3. Determine if you have the F/X for GIF Animator Plug-in–if you do, go to the video F/X menu and click on “3D Texture Mapping” and select “Punch.”

4. Negotiate your mouse and arrow to another effect if you do not have F/X for GIF Animator Plug-in and select a different choice.

5. Set the graphic to 3 frames with a drag and drop motion, cut and paste, or open image option.

6. Reduce the file size with one click on the “Optimize” tab. Play with the colors to see just how small you can get the file without loss of quality.

7. Check or click “Save” at the bottom of the preview screen so that the image will be saved as a GIF animation file.

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