Make An Ebook Cover For Free

Create a dramatic, unique e-book cover using these tips.

E-books are growing in popularity and are the answer to the instant gratification needs of today’s consumer. It is now possible to go online and purchase an e-book on a particular subject instead of having to wait until the shop is open the next day or have the library order it. E-books are a productive platform for self-publishing. Anyone with knowledge about a particular subject can write it up and publish it with one of the online e-book publishing websites. The only drawback for most authors is that they have to create their own e-book covers.


1. Use an online photoshop software to add effects and text to one of your own photographs, or an image downloaded from an online website that provides access to free images. (You can find these by typing “free images” into a search engine.)

2. Type “free e-book templates” into an Internet search engine and pick a template that is suitable to your subject. Take care to make an appropriate match: Choose an image or pattern that complements the subject you have written about. Remember that your e-book may be judged by its cover, so use a template only if you feel that it befits the content of your work.

3. Trade skills with a graphic designer. If you cannot afford to purchase e-book cover software and you have written a book that is ready for publication, chances are that you have writing skills that you can offer to trade with someone who has graphic design skills. If you do not know of anyone from your immediate social circle, use a social networking site to advertise a “skills swap” request.

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