Make An Excellent Brochure

Most brochures are produced on a personal computer.

A brochure provides an opportunity for you to make a big impact in a small space. You can share a summary of important information about a product or service. Brochures are especially beneficial as a marketing tool. Although you can hire someone to make a professional brochure for you, most home computers have software programs such as Microsoft Word that allow you to make your own brochure.


1. Compile an outline of the information you need to include in your brochure. Because a brochure is only a few pages in length, present the most important information in a concise manner. If the brochure is about services you offer, for example, include details about what services are provided, why your services are better than the competition’s and what you charge. Include your contact information.

2. Select some graphic images to include in your brochure. You can use stock images included in your word processing program or use photographs or other graphics you have designed. In a typical tri-fold style of brochure, you want to include an image on the front cover and at least two graphics on the inside pages. Use graphics to separate ideas of text on inside pages.

3. Use a computer program to make your brochure. Microsoft Word has a template for making brochures, which should make creating your project easier. From your computer, open Microsoft Word. Select “file: new” and open “brochure,” which should be the sixth option. Select the size of the brochure you want to use.

4. Input your text and images into the template. To use clip art, select “insert: picture: clip art” and search for appropriate images using a keyword that fits the topic of your brochure. Print on colored or shiny paper for a more attractive and eye-catching look.

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