Make An Hp Gaming Pc

HP will build to order PC systems optimized for gaming.

Hewlett Packard offers a wide range of computing products, including personal computers suitable for gaming. Base model HP systems come with modern components, but the graphics and processing requirements of each successive generation of PC games bring about a need for a high-powered PC to keep up. Fortunately, according to Hewlett Packard, the HP Pavilion Series is highly customizable prior to ordering and can ship with a variety of up-to-date hardware components designed to maximize gaming performance. It is easy to make an HP gaming PC using HP’s online customization tools.


1. Navigate to the Hewlett Packard landing page for high-performance desktops, and click on one of the HP computer series links. The more expensive models will be more compatible with newer hardware components, but older models may suffice for a more casual gamer.

2. Review the recommended hardware requirements listed on the back of the box or on the official website for a recently released game the new HP PC would be expected to run. Exceeding the recommended requirements listed for graphics, memory and processor needed to run the newest first-person shooter or role-playing games will make for a better gaming experience and add longevity to the system.

3. Open the website for one or more hardware review websites in another browser window. It will be best to check the reputation of each potential hardware selection to be customized in the HP gaming PC to make sure components are reliable.

4. Click the red “Customize a PC for your needs” button next to the “Base configuration” price on the landing page for the HP Pavilion model chosen. This will begin the process of selecting specific components to be built into the HP gaming PC.

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5. Central processing units are vital components of a gaming PC.

Navigate to the “Components” tab toward the top of the screen, then select “Processor” and choose one of the options available. The more “cores” or “threads” with higher processing speeds in gigahertz and larger L2 and L3 cache size values, the more powerful the processor. A powerful CPU will provide a better gaming experience than a less powerful processor.

6. Random access memory is an essential component of any PC.

Click the “Memory” tab under the navigation bar, and select the quantity of RAM to be included in the PC. The more RAM present, the better the PC will be able to perform multiple simultaneous operations commonly required by PC games.

7. Go to the “Graphics Card” tab, and select a graphics card from the available options. The graphics card is the most essential component of a gaming PC, because it renders the 3-D environments of a modern game. The more video memory available, the faster the card.

8. Continue through the remaining customization options, selecting components that will suit the PC’s needs. Options aside from processor, memory and graphics card will have far less of an impact on the gaming experience.

9. Click the red “Review and Buy” button to begin the process of ordering the PC. HP will build the gaming PC and ship it after testing components to ensure the new PC will function.