Make An Object 3d In Apple Motion

3D imagery offers an appearance of depth that 2D often can’t achieve.

Apple Motion is a motion graphics composing and editing application and offer the user the ability to work with motion graphics in two or three dimensions. Any image — referred to as an “object” within Motion — can be converted between two and three dimensions at will. Motion offers a comprehensive set of tools to manipulate objects in either space and readily switches between 2D and 3D space with the press of a button.


1. Launch Apple Motion and then open the file browser through the “Window” menu. The File Browser’s pop-up interface appears.

2. Locate the image you want to make 3D in the File Browser window and click on it. The image is displayed as a preview thumbnail along with its specifications.

3. Click the “Import” button to the left of the preview of the image. Individual images are referred to as “objects” within Apple Motion. Motion imports the object and adds it to the current project on its own track in the timeline. Motion will automatically highlight its track and display the image in the editing area.

4. Press “Q” to engage Motion’s 3D Transform tool. Motion’s interface changes to accommodate 3D manipulation of the object and the object’s HUD pop-up displays the available 3D options. The X and Y axes refer to the object’s location horizontally and vertically; the Z axis refers to its perceived distance from the viewer. The X and Y axes are represented in the editing area by a red and green arrow, respectively. The Z axis is represented by a blue knob.

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5. Click and drag the arrows or knob to move the object in virtual 3D space. Alternatively, you can use the appropriately-labeled controls in the object’s HUD pop-up to manipulate the image in 3D.