Make An Organization Chart

Make an Organization Chart

Organizational charts are essential for any business. They help employees know where they stand in relation to the entire organization or department. Organizational charts also help newcomers understand how the business is structured. They can be used for an entire company, a department and nonprofit organizations. Learn create an organizational chart.


1. Create a list of employees. For example:

Sarah Jones, president

Don Williams, vice president, operations

Josh Peters, vice president, marketing

Amy Young, vice president, finance

Cathy Morris, vice president, human resources

Mary Dade, secretary to the president

2. Draw a square at the top of a piece of paper.

3. Write “Sarah Jones President” in the square.

4. Draw a line down from the middle of the square to the middle of the page.

5. Draw another line extending left from the original line.

6. Draw a square at the end of that line.

7. Write “Mary Dade Secretary” in the box.

8. Draw another line across the bottom of the original line.

9. Draw four smaller lines at different spots where the line goes across.

10. Draw four squares at the end of each of the four smaller lines.

11. Write one name and title in each square. The final product should look like the image.

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