Make Anachronox Use Direct3d

The graphics of “Anachronox” can be displayed perfectly on DirectX-based computers.

The 3D adventure role-playing game “Anachronox” was released for PC computers in 2001, a time when competing 3D graphics standards saw titles released under several different standards. “Anachronox” uses the OpenGL graphics standard, which can lead to incompatibility with later versions of Windows because they are based around the DirectX standard (incorporating the company’s Direct3D graphics technology). However, by running “Anachronox” in Compatibility Mode, the game can be forced to run using the DirectX/Direct3D framework.


1. Right-click the “Start menu” or desktop item for “Anachronox,” and select “Properties.”

2. Click the “Compatibility” box, and check the box marked “Run this program in compatibility mode.”

3. Scroll down the list below the box, select “Windows ME” (the system on which “Anachronox” is designed to run best) and click “Apply.”

4. Insert the “Anachronox” game disc, and double-click the Start menu or desktop item to launch the game in compatibility mode, which will use the DirectX/Direct3D engine to render the game’s graphics.

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