Make Animations With Html

Animations are text or images that move around on the computer screen. Traditionally, coding languages, such as JavaScript, are used to produce these movements, but you have the option to use HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to animate the content on your page. This way, you use a single code line to produce visual effects that catch your visitor’s attention. Use your computer’s text editor program or log in to your Web page account to enter the syntax that makes animations with HTML.


1. Open a Web page document in your text editor program or log in to the Internet page, such as a social networking profile, where you want the HTML animation to appear.

2. Type in the HTML marquee code that produces animation on a Web page as follows:

Your content goes here

3. Enter “slide” after the “behavior” entry to make your text appear on the page and then slide across. Enter “left” after the “direction” attribute to make the content appear on the right and move to the left side, or type “right” to produce the opposite effect. For example:

Your content goes here

4. Type “scroll” after “behavior” to make your text continuously slide across the page. Enter a “right” or “left” value to indicate the direction that you want the content to scroll in. To illustrate:

Your content goes here

5. Enter “alternate” as the behavior value to make your content animate back and forth across the screen in a bouncing fashion. A direction is not needed in this code line. Type your code like so:

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Your content goes here

6. Save your document or Internet page to preserve your changes.