Make Automobile Coded Key

Car keys contain key codes specific to their vehicle.

Vehicle car keys are equipped with key codes that allow for locksmiths or automobile dealerships to create new keys for any vehicle. The key code is included in the purchase paperwork of any new or used car and its job is to inform key makers cut the key to make it specific to your vehicle. If you cannot locate the key code for your vehicle when you need a duplicate car key made, you can use the vehicle identification number instead.


1. Contact a car dealership or professional locksmith in your area to have a new key made for your vehicle.

2. Provide the dealer or locksmith with the key code or the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle. The VIN tells key makers the code for your car key, allowing them to create a new key for your vehicle.

3. Prove to the dealer or locksmith that you are the owner of the vehicle by presenting your photo identification and either your insurance card, title or registration or your purchase paperwork from the car dealership.

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