Make Blender Games

Blenders can create adult beverages as well as milkshakes and smoothies.

Games involving a blender can be an enjoyable way to entertain guests at a party or get together. The blender games will not only keep friends and family members engaged in the party, but they can serve as social ice breakers as well. The results of the blender games can also become a contribution to the party refreshments. Plan out the games before hand, and purchase all the supplies and ingredients necessary for the game.


1. Assemble a variety of ingredients for the blender taste-test contest. Ingredients could include anything from chocolate ice cream to peanut butter to avocado.

2. Mix a variety of concoctions. The mixtures do not necessarily have to be delicious and tasty, but should use a variety of strong flavored ingredients.

3. Blindfold all contestants and provide each with a pen and three pieces of paper labeled “mixture one,” “mixture two” and “mixture three.”

4. Provide each blindfolded contestant with a shot glass filled with one mixture. After he tastes it, remove the shot glass so he cannot receive clues from the color of the mixture. Then remove the blindfold.

5. Instruct the players to write down what ingredients they believe to be in the first mixture.

6. Replace the blindfolds and repeat the process with the second and third mixtures. The player who correctly guesses the most ingredients wins.

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