Make Bmp Computer Wallpaper

Photos can be used as wallpaper, or they can be designed.

Personalizing your computer wallpaper is an excellent way to make a computer a more unique and individual extension of its user. The process of making computer wallpaper from .BMP files can be done simply using a favorite picture or can be made more complex by creating a design with a painting or graphic design program. Saving files using the .BMP designation makes them bitmap files, which are a high resolution graphic file type perfect for detailed images like wallpaper.


1. Select a photograph that will provide a well-balanced, subtle background for your computer, such as a landscape picture or a detailed close-up shot of a small object.

2. Open the photograph using a graphic design program or painting program such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. Edit the photograph to remove any undesirable elements, such as uneven photo balance or imperfect lighting. Rotate the photograph if necessary to balance it out, and crop the edges to make a straight photograph for an optimum background.

3. Select “save as…” in the “File” menu, name your file and choose where it should be saved. Select “.bmp” as the file extension in the drop down menu at the base of the menu, and save the file as a bitmap.

4. Open the “Control Panel” or “System Preferences” menu and select “Display.” Browse through your computer files to find the wallpaper you created. Select the file and decide if you would like it stretched to fit the entire background screen, tiled to be repeated over the computer screen, or set in the center of the screen in its original size and surrounded by a border of your choosing.

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