Make Cool Names In Glitter Text

Create a cool name based on your personality or favorite hobby.

Cool names may be used as screen names for online accounts, such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and AIM. When you use a screen name, others see the screen name instead of the actual name on the web. You can create a cool name based on your favorite hobby, fantasy game or personality. If you’re unsure where to begin, try searching for a name online. You can then convert your cool name into glitter text for fun.


1. Pick a cool name from the web. There are some suggestions on sites like Mystical Gateway (See Reference 1). Some examples of cool names include: Dreamer, Flower Child, Nite Shade and Halo (for female names). You could also use War Lord, Nite Rider, MisterX and Dark Invader (for male names) or

Rapture, Shattered, Dream Warrior and Strange Brew (for unisex names).

2. Use a cool name generator, such as Online Generator (see Resources) to generate a cool name. Go to the “Random Names” section and select the “Nickname Generator,” “Team Name Generator” or other link for the type of name you want to generate. Click the “Generate Nickname” button to get suggestions for names.

3. Use a glitter text generator, such as Hi5 Style, Diva Glitter or Giga Glitters (see Resources) to create your glitter text. Type the cool name you chose into the generator’s text field and select a glitter style.

4. Click “Continue” in Hi5 Style, “Create Text” in Diva Glitter or “Create Text” in Giga Glitters to generate the glitter text.

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5. Right-click on the glitter text you created. A pop-up menu appears. Select “Save Picture As” in Internet Explorer, “Save Image As” in Firefox or “Save Image” in Opera. A dialog box opens. To save your cool name in glitter text, enter a file name. Leave in the “GIF” file extension and click “Save.”