Make Desktop Wallpaper Or Background

Any graphic or photo can be used as wallpaper on your computer.

We all like to have images, personal photos or favorite graphics on our computer’s background, commonly known as wallpaper, but many times they don’t seem to fit the screen space. If you are using a wide monitor or an extended desktop, you can make adjustments to your desired image so that it fits your computer’s screen properly. The process is similar for desktops and laptops running a Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Windows Vista.


1. Find a large version of the photo you wish to use as wallpaper. You can search for it by name by pressing the Start icon in the lower left corner of your screen and typing the image name in the search box that appears, or you can navigate to it manually by finding the folder in which you saved the file.

2. Right-click the image file name or thumbnail and select the “Preview” option. This opens the photo in your default photo viewer. If Windows Photo Gallery is not your default photo viewer, right-click the image, roll your mouse over “Open With” and choose “Windows Photo Gallery” from the list of image software options.

3. Crop the photo to match the proportion size that applies to your monitor. In Vista’s photo-viewing software gallery window, select the Fix menu in the top toolbar and then “Crop Picture” in the list of options that opens to the right of the photo.

4. Click the “Proportion” drop-down list and select the option applies to your monitor size. For example, select “16×9” if you have a widescreen monitor. Drag the box over the image to frame the portion that you want to include in the wallpaper. Click the “Rotate frame” option if the frame is not set horizontally. Click the “Apply” button when you are happy with your selection.

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5. Open the File menu in the top toolbar and then click “Make a Copy…” to save your wallpaper as a separate image file. Type a new file name into the text box that appears and click the “Save” button. Exit Windows Photo Gallery.

6. Right-click your computer’s desktop and click the “Personalize” option.

7. Click the “Desktop Background” option.

8. Find your recently edited image. If it is not in the window that opens, click the “Browse” button and navigate to the folder containing the image. Click the radio button next to the “Fit to Screen” option and then click the “OK” button.