Make Downloadable Adult Birthday Cards

Make Downloadable Adult Birthday Cards

Adult greeting cards are hot sellers, and people like the convenience of shopping online. Combine the two and you might have a profitable online venture. Learn turn your original, snappy one-liners into downloadable adult birthday cards that could put extra cash in your pocket.


1. Design your cards. Microsoft Word has greeting card templates that are already set up. All you need to do is enter text and graphics where you want text and graphics to appear. Use only original material you’ve written. Either draw the illustrations yourself or find a partner who can illustrate and who’s will work with you for a percentage of the profits.

2. Your birthday cards are adult in nature, so think of creative ways you can combine adult-oriented material with the happy birthday concept. Gag lines about sexual ability and age are always popular fare for adult birthday cards. Limerick style is another good adult-themed device that works well on birthday cards: You’ll have a birthday bash in Nantucket, and meet a young woman who’ll . . . you get the idea. Sexy and suggestive graphics are more humorous than outright pornography, so keep that in mind when designing illustrations for your cards.

3. Save your greeting cards as both Word documents and PDF files. These are the two most popular and versatile file formats. The latest version of Word allows you to export to the PDF file format. If you have an earlier version of Word than 2007, you can download free software that will write a PDF file (see resources).

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4. Get a web site to make your adult birthday cards downloadable to the public. The web site should show thumbnails of your cards and show the actual adult one liner. The more of the card you show, the more likely someone will be to download it. If you want to charge per download, you’ll need to use an online payment system like Paypal to collect money from customers before they can download your adult birthday cards. If you want to offer the cards free of charge, upload your cards to your web hosting service, display links to the adult birthday card files on your web page, and instruct customers to download your custom adult birthday cards in the file format of their choice, along with instructions for printing and folding.