Make Fire Text In Photoshop

Using fire text in games or websites is a novel feature that can be performed in Photoshop. Using filters, Photoshop gives designers several abilities for graphic manipulation, including dynamic-looking fire text images, which add flair to your site design.


1. Create a new image canvas. Select the “Text” tool from the toolbox to the left of the screen. Make the text large. Arial Black with a size of 48pt is a good font for this effect. Type text into the canvas.

2. Select “Layer” from the menu. Choose “Rasterize” and then choose “Type.” This opens a gradient tool. Make the gradient from dark orange or red to yellow for the flame effect.

3. Select “Select” from the menu and choose “Load selection.” This selects and highlights the text that was created in step one. Drag the gradient tool from the bottom of the text to the top. This creates a red to yellow color on the text from the bottom to the top.

4. Rotate the text by 90 degrees by selecting “Image” then “Rotate canvas.” Choose “90 CW.” This rotates the text to the side where a “wind” filter is placed on it.

5. Select “Filters” from the menu and choose “Stylize.” Choose “Wind” from the options. Select “From the left” and click the “Ok” button. This causes a wind effect on the text. Go back to the rotation menu and rotate the text back to its original position.

6. Right-click the text and select “Blending Options.” Click the “Outer Glow” tab and choose a bright red color. Make the opacity 75% and click “Ok.” The text now has a fire effect on it.

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