Make Foldable Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers can help keep a student on task.

A graphic organizer is a tool that is used by teachers and other educators to get their students more involved in their lessons. Many students learn additional facts about a particular block of study when they can put their hands on something that they created rather than if they simply sit and listen to a teacher talk about a subject. A foldable graphic organizer helps a student stay focused and on task while creating material that relates to the subject.


1. Fold a piece of heavy 11-by-17-inch construction paper and fold each outside edge into the middle. This will give you four sections.

2. Design a cover picture that is the same size as the front cover of your graphic organizer. Cut the cover picture in half from top to bottom. Glue the picture on the cover, one-half on the left side and one-half on the right side.

3. Paste your main information page on the inside of the graphic organizer. Paste small note cards down the left and right columns of the organizer that explain the key points you are trying to make.

4. Stand your foldable graphic organizer up so you can pick up the project and examine the cover and the information you have placed on the inside. Anyone who picks up the organizer should be able to easily follow the information conveyed and gain greater knowledge of the subject material.

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