Make Gif Images In Photoshop Cs3

Use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to save bitmap, grayscale, indexed-color or RGB images as a Graphical Interchange Format File (GIF). GIF images contain up to 256 colors in an uncompressed format. CompuServe introduced the GIF format in the late 1980’s, and it remains one of the most common image file formats. Because of the limit on the number of colors, people rarely use the GIF format for photos. However, the GIF format is commonly used for small images and navigation buttons online.


1. Open the “File” menu in Photoshop CS3 and select “Save As.” Select a save location for the file and enter a name.

2. Set the “Format” drop-down menu to “CompuServe GIF.”

3. Press the “Save” button. If your image uses the RGB color profile, the “Indexed Color” window will appear on the screen. Adjust the “Indexed Color” settings if desired, and click “OK.” GIFs can contain up to 256 indexed colors to ensure a small file size–changing the indexed color settings allows you to choose which colors are part of the GIF. The default setting is fine for most purposes.

4. Select whether you want the file to use the “Normal” or “Interlaced” row order. The “Normal” setting means that the GIF will appear in a browser window once the download is complete. The “Interlaced” setting means that a low-resolution version of the GIF will appear while the file is downloading. While interlacing creates the impression that the download takes less time, it actually increases the size of the file.

5. Press “OK” to create the GIF image.

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