Make Glitter Picture Names

Glitter for arts and crafts projects.

Glitter has been used for decades by fine artists, crafters, and students of the arts to produce works that gleam and dazzle. Used with an adhesive such as glue, glitter can be used to create words, shapes or lines, and even scenic pictures. Kids can engage in a special project that uses glitter and glue to produce a hand-written name picture. Although this activity works best for school-aged kids, children as young as four years old have developed the ability to draw basic lines and letters and can try this art project with adult assistance.


Crafting a Glitter Name

1. Select a flat surface such as a table or desk for the work space. Cover the surface with newspapers or a similar barrier.

2. Draw a large shape onto the card stock paper with the pencil. The shape should take up the majority of the paper, and extend close to the edges. Choose a seasonal design such as a heart for Valentine’s Day or a triangle tree for Christmas, or a simple geometric shape such as a circle. As an alternative, try an organic shape. Organic shapes are free-form and based in nature, such as an amoeba or a cloud.

3. Cut the shape out with scissors. Very young children may need adult assistance.

4. Write the name on the paper shape with a pencil. Younger children who may be just learning write can try simple capitol block letters, while older children may want to use cursive writing. The letters should be large in size (at least three inches from top to bottom), and fill most of the space across the shape.

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5. Squeeze clear-drying glue along each line and curve of the letters, repeating the writing with the glue stream. This should feel similar to writing with the glue.

6. Sprinkle glitter on top of the glue lines. Make sure to cover all of the glue space. Allow the glitter and glue to dry for at least one hour.

7. Shake the excess glitter off of the paper onto the work surface. Scoop the excess glitter off of the work surface, and place it back into the original container.