Make Glitter Stickers For Web Pages

If you want to add an eye-catching feature to your website, consider publishing a glitter sticker on your page. These stickers add distinct flair to your site and catch your visitors’ attention because the image displays an animated sparkle over the text or photo you design. To make glitter stickers, you do not need a graphics program or any coding knowledge. Instead, use the free Internet resource of your choice to make the glitter stickers you desire.


1. Bring up a glitter image generator such as Satisfaction,, Webfetti, Glitter Delight or Generators, such as Satisfaction, allow you to create sparkly text, while others like Webfetti, build glitter pictures.

2. Enter your content in the “Text” field on the Satisfaction, and sites. Otherwise, click the “Glitter” title on the Webfetti page or the “Click Here to Start” link on the Glitter Delight website to get started.

3. Use the menus on the sites that create glitter text to design your sparkly content. Using, for example, click an image to apply a glitter style and click the “Font size” drop-down menu to choose how large or small your text is. With glitter image generators, follow the onscreen prompts to design your picture. For instance, on Webfetti, click a category of image on the left-hand side and then click the graphic you want to stick on your Web page.

4. Copy the code that appears after you generate your glitter sticker in the copy or embed text box. With Webfetti, click the “Post This Asset” button on the top, right to get to the code.

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5. Access the Web page you want to add your glitter sticker to and paste in the code. Save your work to publish your sparkly graphic.