Make Hannah Montana Party Favors

Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a singing and acting sensation for young girls and teenagers. Fans cannot seem to get enough of this young actress. If you’re tasked with hosting a Hannah Montana party, you can make your own party favors. Give the guests party favors that are not typically found in stores. Curtail these suggestions to meet the age group of the party guests. For guests as young as 3 and 4, steer clear of using too many small decorations on the favor bags. Also keep the favors age appropriate for tween girls and teen girls, who may be more interested in the make up than the paper doll.


1. Decorate a white, paper lunch bag per guest. Print out color photos of Hannah Montana from the Disney website or from the official website of Miley Cyrus (see Resources) Cut out the images and glue them onto the front and back of the bags. Add pink and purple rhinestones and glitter to embellish the bags. Add stickers or drawings of musical symbols and microphones.

2. Fold over the top of the bag. Make a small slit in one edge if you need to. Line the top, inside rim of the bag with a strip of masking tape. This will strengthen the top of the bag for the handles. Make 2 holes in the top of one side of the bag. Repeat on the other side. Lace one end of a pink or purple shoe lace through the outside of the bag. Tie a knot. Lace the other end through the second hole on the same site and tie a knot, now you have a handle. Repeat on the other side to make the second handle.

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3. Run a thin strip of glue along the top of the bag, on the outside. Place one end of a thin, feather boa onto the glue. Press the rest of the boa into the rest of the glue around the bag until you meet the beginning. Snip off the excess. Use colorful feathers if no boa is available.

4. Fill the bag with some store bought lip balms and lip glosses, colorful eye shadows and nail polishes. Decorate mirrored compacts with photos of Miley Cyrus on the cover. Laminate the photo to protect it and keep it secure. Add sequins or rhinestones with glue. For younger guests, printout a Hannah Montana paper doll from Stardolls, including some clothes (see Resources).

5. Make a playlist of hit Hannah Montana songs and save them to a flash drive or USB stick. Buy the flash drives in bulk to save money. Add the flash drives to the homemade gift bag.