Make My Own Glitter Words

Glitter words are popular and highly used animated graphics that decorate and bring attention to a webpage. You can choose to enhance your own site or customize a social networking profile page, such as Facebook. Previously, it was necessary to be familiar with a graphics application to create this animated text; however, you can find many Internet resources that provide a user interface that automatically produces the code needed to publish the glitter image.


1. Access a glitter text generator, such as Glitterfy, on the web.

2. Enter the preferred words in the text fields provided.

3. Choose a glitter style by clicking the radio button next to your choice under the “Select Glitter” heading. Animations include various graphics like bubbles, snow and red hearts.

4. Select a specialized font for your text by clicking the radio button next to the desired option, such as “Graffiti” or “Handwriting.” Some of these styles also offer a drop-down menu so that you can choose a color.

5. Use the drop-down menus under the “Customize” heading to select an alignment, such as “Center,” and a size for the words.

6. Click the “Glitterfy Text” button to make your glitter words. Copy the generated code and paste it on a webpage.

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