Make My Own Kidspiration Graphic Organizers

Kidspiration is a type of software sold by Inspiration Software that kids can use to make graphic organizers. Spatial organization helps children to understand concepts better. Graphic organizers show children clearly how things are related and what to include in, for example, a story plot. They are useful in any number of educational content areas to teach sequencing, cause-effect or compare-contrast, or to draw story webs or draw hierarchies. Children from kindergarten to fifth grade can make their own graphic organizers using Kidspiration.


1. Open the Kidspiration program. You will see a series of icons showing the “Kidspiration Starter” options. Click on the “Picture View” icon, the first icon on the top left row, to go to “Graphic Organizers.”

2. Type what your organizer is about in the “Main Idea” shape. Click on the “Add Symbols” tool to add new ideas that link to your main idea. Click on your main idea, then click on the “Add Symbols” tool as many times as you want to add more ideas. Click on the “Link” tool to draw arrows to show associations between ideas. Click on the idea shape you want to link from, then click on the idea shape you want to link to, in order to complete the link.

3. Drag images from the “Symbol” palette, the menu on the left side, to the drawing board. Click the “Pick Library” icon, a down arrow, to see categories of symbols. Hold the mouse over the categories to choose the symbols you need. The symbols will appear on the “Symbol” palette. Click on the one you need and drag it to the drawing board. To find a specific symbol, type the name of the image in the dialogue box and click “Find.”

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4. Click on the “Symbol Maker Drawing” tool on the top of the program to make your own symbol. A pop-up window will appear. Click on the color palette and draw your symbol in the center of the window. Click “Done” to paste your symbol to the main drawing board.