Make Neopet Glitters

A Neopet is a virtual animal that you create and care for as a pet. You can make a glitter version of your animal by creating animated sparkles around it. You have the option to add your updated Neopet image to your Neopet’s personal Web page or other online area. Sparkle images traditionally are made with a graphics application, but you can instead use a free Internet resource to design the Neopet glitter that you want.


1. Log in to your Neopets account.

2. Right-click on the image of your Neopet that automatically appears. Click the “Save Picture As” or “Save Image As” option from the drop-down list and follow the prompts to name and save the graphic to a location on your computer. Alternately, if using a Mac, click on the image and drag it to your desktop.

3. Access a glitter generator website.

4. Click the “Choose File” button on your chosen generator website and select your Neopet image from the dialog window that appears. Click the “Create Glitter,” “Make a Blingee,” “Make a Glitter” or “Upload Image” button to load your picture and continue.

5. Click the Neopet glitter image (in HTML Live) that automatically appears, then follow the instructions to download your finished graphic. For all other generators, click a sparkle style in the display menu provided, then click on your picture to apply it.

6. Click the “Save” or “Save and Download” button to preserve your work.

7. Click the “Download” button to have your updated Neopet glitter image file downloaded to your computer. With Blingee, first enter the required information, such as a title, click the “Save” button, click on your picture, then click the “Download this Blingee” button to get your file.

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