Make Origami Swan Paper Figures

Origami swans can be made just using paper.

A traditional Japanese art form, origami consists of folding flat pieces of paper into three-dimensional works of art. If you’re interested in making origami art, it’s best to start with more simple figures in order to understand the process. Once you’ve mastered the easier figures, you can progress to the more complex ones. The swan is a basic figure and is fairly easy to make. The only thing you’ll need to purchase to make this craft is square decorative paper.


1. Lay a piece of square paper on a flat surface. If you’re using paper that is decorated on one side, place the decorated side down. Position the paper so that it looks like a diamond, with one of the points of the square pointing up.

2. Fold the paper in half. Fold the paper so that one tip of the diamond meets the opposite tip. Press the crease with the palm of your hand. Open up the paper.

3. Fold the outer edges of the diamond inward to the crease. The paper should now resemble a kite.

4. Grab the outer corners of the pieces you just folded in. Fold each of the pieces outward so that you have two small flaps in each side of the kite.

5. Bring the tail of the kite upward. Fold it so that that the tip of the tail touches the tip of the top of the kite.

6. Fold the kite in half. Fold the back, flat portion in on itself. Make sure that the edges of the piece of paper are facing up.

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7. Make another small fold in the tip of the tail of the kite.

8. Pull the neck of the swan up. Hold the bigger section of the paper and gently pull the thin piece up — this creates the neck of the swan.