Make Picture 3d With Photoshop Layers

Make Picture 3D With Photoshop Layers

With a 3D the picture has depth and appears to be jumping out of the screen. You can make a picture appear to be 3D in Adobe Photoshop using layers. All you need is a few basic tools in Photoshop to accomplish this goal.


1. Open a new Photoshop file. Click “Layer” then “New” to create a new layer.

2. Draw a square or rectangular box in the new layer. Use the “Marquee” tool to draw the box then go to “Edit” and “Fill” on the main menu. Right-click the layer and select “Duplicate Layer” so that you now have two layers with the same square-shaped box–one will be on top of the other. Make sure that the duplicate box layer is selected before you proceed to the next step.

3. Click “Edit,” “Transform” and then “Scale” on the Photoshop main menu. Re-size the top box layer to the left so that it is just a strip over the left-hand side of the bottom box layer. Go back to the “Transform” menu and click “Perspective” this time.

4. Hold the top left corner of the “Transform” selection box and drag it down a bit. Both the top and bottom of the top box will start to come together. Click “Enter” to set the transformation.

5. Select the bottom box layer with your mouse and drag it to the right until the left edge of that bottom layer meets the right edge of the transformed top layer.

6. Keep the bottom layer selected and choose “Perspective” from the “Transform” menu again. Drag the top right-hand corner down a bit to complete the 3D image.

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7. Open your chosen picture. Copy and paste it into the file that contains the two boxes. Place the image on top of the larger box.

8. Go to “Edit,” “Transform,” then “Perspective” again. Drag the top right-hand corner of the image down to match the larger box (you may need to go to “Scale” on the “Transform” menu first to reduce or enlarge the picture).

9. Save a copy of the finished image as a JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG, or other type of file–this will merge the layers into one to solidify the 3D picture.