Make Ribbons In Paint Net

PaintNET can make realistic looking ribbons.

Paint.NET is a freeware graphics program that can be downloaded and used with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. The capabilities of Paint.NET are more advanced than Microsoft’s own Paint software, but the program does not have the advanced vector graphics capabilities of design programs such as PhotoShop or Corel Draw. Still, Paint.NET is a popular program for making banners and avatars as well as other simple graphics for print and websites. This includes making realistic-looking ribbons for images of presents.


1. Select the “Paint Brush” tool from the tool bar and draw your ribbon in black. It can be a simple rectangle, or it can consist of S-shaped curves. The important part of this step is making sure it maintains the same width the entire length of the ribbon.

2. Press CTRL+A to select the entire layer, then CTRL+C to copy it to the clip board. Press the bottom left button on the “Layers” palette to add a new layer.

3. Select “Effect” from the top menu, then “Multi-Color Gradient.” Check “Alternating Colors” and select your preferred color and black. Select “Effect” from the top menu, then “Alpha Mask.” Click on “Invert Mask” and “Paste From Clipboard.” Click “Effect,” “Gaussian Blur.” Under “Blend Mode” on the menu, select “Negation.”

4. Select the “Rectangle” tool from the tool bar and draw a square. Select the “Move Selection” tool. Move the square to the end of the ribbon so that the end of the ribbon appears to have a v-shaped end or is trimmed at an angle. Press “Delete” to permanately edit this end. Repeat for the other end of the ribbon.

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5. Press CTRL+S to save your graphic.