Make Website Buttons In Paint Shop Pro

Website design with Paint Shop Pro allows one to make attractive, professional website buttons. These can be a really special and important addition to your website. Using a few simple techniques, you can make solid color or patterned website buttons in minutes.


1. Open a new file in Paint Shop Pro that is larger than the button you intend to make. Use a transparent background for this graphic file.

2. Select the preset shape tool from the left side tool bar. Then, at the top of the page, select your chosen shape from the drop down menu. Rectangles, rounded rectangles and ovals are common shapes for website button design. Select the same color for the inside and outside from the color palette on the right corner of the Paint Shop Pro window, and then draw your shape on the open picture file.

3. Click on the magic wand selection tool from the left tool bar, and select the button graphic by clicking on it. Then click on the “Effects” menu at the very top of the Paint Shop Pro screen. Scroll down to “3D Effects,” and select “Buttonize.” On the small screen that pops up click “Transparent” for the edge. Change the height, weight and opacity to values that you like.

4. Select the “A” text tool from the left hand tool bar. On the color palette, select the colors you want for your button text. Remember that the top color block is for the text border and the right color block is for the text filler color.

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5. Click on the font menu at the top of the Paint Shop Pro screen, and select a font that matches your website design. Choose the font size and how thick you want the outside line to be. Then click on the button, and type the text in the text box that pops up. Use the move tool to position the text in the center of the button.

6. Use the magic wand tool to select the complete button. Cut the button from the existing picture file, and paste it into its own. The entire graphic should be the size of the button. You have now made a website button in Paint Shop Pro.