Make Your Own 3d Games For Free

Most of the popular video games are usually developed by hundreds of code and design experts working with the most advanced and expensive software in the world for months to complete each game. There are also experts who work to develop software that just about anyone can use to create simple, royalty-free 3D game worlds. One group that doesn’t charge anything for its game-creation software is Platinum Arts, the creators of Sandbox.


Downloading and Installing Sandbox

1. Create a new tab or window in your web browser and type in, or copy and paste, this address into the field: Click on “Download Sandbox” on the menu to the left when the page has finished loading.

2. Click on “Windows Version” in the middle of the new page and the choose to save the file.

3. Double-click on the file once it has finished downloading and click on the dotted button to choose where you want to install Sandbox. Click on “Extract” to place the files in the location you chose.

Getting Started With Sandbox

4. It’s important to note that since Sandbox will be started in full-screen mode during these steps, either print these instructions before continuing, or hold the Alt key and press the key above Caps Lock to switch between the Sandbox window and your web browser window.

Go to the location where Sandbox was extracted to and double-click on the file with the name “Click_Me_To_Start” to launch the application.

5. Read the on-screen instructions that will appear the first time Sandbox is started, and keep clicking on “Next” at the bottom of the screen to progress through each page.

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6. Click on “Toggle Editmode” at the top of the main menu to expand the menu, then click on “New Map” on the left side. Click on “New Map” once more to create your first map.

7. Use the mouse to look around, and the W, A, S and D keys on the keyboard to move around in the blank map. Press the E key on the keyboard to enter edit mode in-game, and follow the instructions you have already read to start altering the game world.

8. Press the Esc key on the keyboard and click on “Save Map” to save the map at any time. Loading a map is done from clicking on “Load Map” on the same menu and can also be done from the main menu when launching the application.